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Thinking Epiphany - TT#5

Throwback Thursday #5 - September 2019

{Written in 2010}

This week I had a true epiphany late one night. I was talking with a close friend over the phone about a relational dilemma; seeking some guidance. She said, "If you pray about it, I know God will give you wisdom about how to handle it."

In my head, my first instinct was to respond with, "But, I have been praying about it!"

And then I started laughing out loud. My laughter was followed by the confession of that first instinct and then my epiphany, "I just realized - I think I get thinking confused with praying!” {more laughter}.

I think I get thinking confused with praying!

In that moment I was both amused and stunned to acknowledge that there are times I think I have brought my concerns to God only to realize that I have done nothing more than circle them around in my own brain endlessly. I will mull over and over and over, the best way to do this, or handle that. I will wonder. I will worry. I will feel the weight and burden of it all on my lonely shoulders. And yet, still not lay it before the feet of God… release it there… and wait for Him to move me.

Prayer is the deliberate act of saying, "God I need you in every corner of myself and my life... and I am only capable of making a mess, at best, without You!" It is calling out for His hand and His voice to be the guiding force in all my decisions, challenges, opportunities, and conundrums… in all the big and small and in-between.


September 5, 2019

  • In what ways do you rehearse your problems endlessly in your head, while forgetting to bring them God?

  • How does your faith grow weary in seasons of discouragement or overwhelm?

  • Do you sometimes wonder if God has forgotten you… or if He even exists at all?

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