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Reflection - Throwback Thursday (TT) Wrap Up

Throwback Thursday - Wrap Up - October 2019


I returned from vacation abroad to find Halloween and Fall décor lining the store shelves in the United States. This was not a surprise. But as I turned the corner, there they were - Christmas decorations already on display! Just another reminder that Christmas commercialism in the U.S. has officially hijacked every other holiday between the sunset of summer and December 24th.

... let me invite you back into the comforting whisper of Autumn.

While Fall presents the perfect time for reflection and rhythm, the instant reminder of Christmas catapults our minds back to all our "busy-ness", a long list of to-dos, never-content must haves, and an over-extended calendar. But for now, forget about the rush to Christmas and let me invite you back into the comforting whisper of Autumn. As the temperatures finally start to dip and the rustling trees wisely prepare for winter - flashing with vibrant transitional color before shedding the old – let us linger in reflection, open ourselves to wisdom, and carry the best of ourselves forward into the season.

Throwback Thursday (TT) at Unique Paths Coaching is officially coming to a close (as of today). As mentioned in the introductory post on May 6, 2019, the intent was to offer a look in the rear-view mirror, acknowledgment of the hills and valleys in life, and encouragement to continually lean into God in all the ordinary and extraordinary of life. Of the varied topics that have been posted, the common thread circles back to the importance of reflection.

Reflection - on ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our choices, our outcomes, our life - is truly key to beginning to cultivate the life we really want to create. Society urges us to continually push to do more, achieve more, and therefore be more. But we can end up losing ourselves in this hustle as we get carried downstream by the ever-increasing and powerful current of a culture’s idealized and off-kilter standards. Because of this powerful current, many times we end up in a place we never wanted or intended to be.

Setting aside sacred time to reflect on how we have navigated our day or week can give us great insight into areas where we would like to grow (or have already grown). Where we end up spending our time in the daily moments can reveal how well we are aligning with our true and stated priorities. Ultimately, if we take time to thoughtfully reflect on our day or our week, we are likely to discover things we wish we would have handled a bit differently. Reflecting on these take-aways gives us the benefit of deciding in advance how we will navigate that challenge or opportunity with more finesse in the future. Reflecting on our interactions (good or bad) with others can provide deeper insights about ourselves and those we engage with to help improve relationships.

Reflection gives us an opportunity to learn from ourselves and those around us. Reflection itself can be powerful, but reflection "journaled" or verbalized takes this to a whole new level – inviting influential transformation into our lives.

As the trees demonstrate how to do this Autumn season with brilliance and style… let us linger with them in the stillness and then move into the gentle rustle of Fall… allowing sacred space for reflection... shedding what is no longer beneficial… opening ourselves to more wisdom… and carrying the best of ourselves forward into our next season.

Lord, may we find our deep and abiding peace in You as we make time for reflection, see our life through the wisdom of Your eyes, and through the longing of Your heart! May we hear Your gentle whisper - adjusting our lives and our ways accordingly!

As Christian Life Coaches, we are here to help you navigate your seasons with wisdom and finesse! Coaching can be a great way to process and verbalize your reflections. It would be our honor to walk with you on your journey. Please contact us for a Free Discovery Call.


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“Today I felt the first brush of autumn as in these waning days of summer it gently leaned over an expectant horizon. And it is in having lived summer to the fullest that autumn is positioned to fill me to the fullest. And I think that if we would engage all of the differing seasons of our lives in a manner such as this, the appreciation of ‘what was’ would be magnified a hundredfold by the anticipation of ‘what is yet to be.”

~~Craig D. Lounsbrough (@


Jamie Platt
Jamie Platt
Oct 03, 2019

This is a very helpful reminder to "hit the pause button" and not be swept away in the current of busy-ness and achievement.

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