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We are excited to help you navigate your new season in life. Our team was knit together and we believe there is strength in numbers. Life is messy and sometimes you just can’t discern your next right step alone. Have you ever felt like you are at a crossroads and don’t know which path is right for you? We are here to help! We have been there, whether its navigating chronic illness with grace or transitioning through life’s stages and finding some unique version of harmony in your personal or professional life. This team has personally navigated A LOT! Fate brought us together and if you are here, could it possibly be for a divine reason as well?

“Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

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Are you craving focused conversation around a specific topic? Do you need to debrief and process with someone outside of your key work or friend/family circle? Then this is the package for you! Through direct conversation and powerful questioning you will surely conquer your doubt and boldly take the next step that is right for YOU.

Laser Coaching -3 Sessions @ 20 Min

Path Process Partner
Journey #1 - Path Finder

Are you at a crossroads with your health or personal/professional life and need to take action? Are you discouraged and full of doubt or despair? Then, this is the package for you! During our time we will address this crossroads and we will walk alongside you in the journey to find God’s next best step for your life.

1 Month - Intake + 3 Sessions @ 45 min

Journey #2 - Path Forger

Does the future look hazy or unclear? Are you struggling through a transition personally, with work, or family? You may need some additional time to clear the visual fog and discover how God is guiding you during this particular season of your life. We will spend more time looking at what makes you tick, prayerfully lifting the fog to help you discern your next right step.

3 Months - Intake + 9 Sessions

Are fears or illness crippling you from boldly walking your path? Are you in need of a complete shift in your life? Are inner beliefs, especially limiting beliefs, conflicting with your personal, health, or professional goals? Then this package may be perfect for you! We can incorporate valuable diagnostic tools to help in this path discovery phase. Keeping in mind that you are not alone…we will be blazing the trail right alongside you!

6 Months - Intake + 18 Sessions

Journey #3 - Precision Path

*Please note that coaching is a journey and you can smoothly move from one package to the next if you are experiencing more self-discovery and are benefitting from the coaching process.

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