Do you have an adult child living in your midst? Perhaps, they have been uprooted by the current COVID-19 virus and are back living at home. 


Does your teenager keep you awake at night? Are you wondering what happened to my sweet child? Sure, hormones begin to hold them hostage. But what else is going on? 


Have you considered your role in the relationship decline? 



As parents, we are used to getting up

every weekday morning and sending our

children (those still in the home) off to

school. We then progress through our

day, whether we work outside the home

or stay-at-home, we typically have 8 hours

to achieve our personal and professional

tasks with little distraction. We mentally

prepare for summer vacation and winter

school breaks. Enter COVID-19! This is

unchartered territory for sure! Many may

be wondering…who is this

stranger/strangers in our midst? Now that

homeschooling is in full swing,

many parents are yearning for a

regeneration of the family unit.  


What if what is happening is truly a blessing in disguise?  


As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I would love for you and your family to join me on a brief journey to Relationship Regeneration!  


Let me share a bit about myself. I’ve been married for 27 years and have two adult children and four dogs (you read that right!). My oldest son is married and I became a grandmother in August 2019. Our youngest is in her first year of law school. She is currently home finishing year one via Zoom. Things have certainly changed. As a coach, I work virtually from home. My home is my workspace and sanctuary. As an empty nester, my husband leaves for work and I function independently for 10 hours per day. Currently, my husband, daughter, and I are ALL living and working from home. Again, unchartered territory. 



My offer to you! 


Join me for a 3-Day Journey to Relationship Regeneration: 


Day One  

Your teen/adult child is the focus of the first day. As parents, you will be learning to listen to them and learn about what makes them tick. All while withholding judgment. Learning to lean in and listen to their heart.  


Day Two 

You and your significant other are the focus of this day. Your children will get an opportunity to hear your heart. The roles will be reversed and now they will be the listeners. 


Day Three 

The entire family will be equipped to come back together to help re-define what “family” looks like in this new season. By hearing one another’s hearts, the family unit will feel free to interconnect without fears of disappointment or judgment.  


I’m so excited to embark on this journey that I’m offering this program for only $12.95! You simply download and begin!  

Click below to purchase!

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