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How Is Looking Back Keeping You From Your Unique Path?

Have you been looking back and taking your eyes off of God’s path for your life? I was reminded of Lot’s wife in a conversation this week. Lot’s wife was instructed NOT to look back, instead she was disobedient and when she looked back she instantly turned into a pillar of salt. By taking her eyes off of the Lord’s path, she met her demise! What made her look back? Was she content with her circumstances and feared the future? Was she comfortable in the past? Was she full of doubt and despair?

In Luke 17:32, Jesus says to “Remember Lot’s wife”.

Hmmm…there must be a lesson there somewhere. Perhaps it’s to stop looking back and begin moving forward? God calls us to keep our eyes fixed on Him and His perfect plan for our lives. But to do so takes courage.

Here's just a couple of questions/thoughts to ponder:

  • How is looking back preventing your forward movement? Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we must reflect so that we can learn and grow. BUT when we look back and think of all of past regrets and get bogged down in the negative, we fail to step out in faith. We can literally become besieged with negativity and this can be toxic and keep us wallowing in our failures and our past mistakes. When we look forward, we get a fresh start and hope is renewed!

  • Are you gazing into your future and still ignoring the step that God has before you? Sometimes there are things in front of us that provide glimpses into what God has next for us. However, because we are content in our circumstance we choose to ignore the sign and call it a coincidence. Pay attention to the breadcrumbs or the small things that God continually puts on your heart through his Word and while in prayer. Sometimes doors are cracked open and we can’t see it because we are continuing to cling to things that are not serving us in the past. Lot’s wife was perhaps mourning what was happening to her friends and family and needed to stop and take one last look even when God specifically told her not to. Keep your eyes vertical for God's next perfect step!

As always, our team is here to walk alongside you as you begin to walk into your future! Sometimes you need a Path Partner. Quit looking in the rear view mirror, the view is often spectacular from your front windshield! A FREE Discovery Call is just a click away!


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