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                                           Did I ever know what my true calling was in life? I'm a caregiver by nature. That's what I do. Scaring                                                  for my family was easy and so fulfilling. As my children entered school, I became increasingly                                                                anxious about my health and my life. I felt ill more than I felt well and I didn’t handle the twists                                                          and turns of my path very easily. Finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and anxiety, I turned to                                                           the Lord for comfort and hope. Our church was launching a Stephen’s Ministry training                                                                      program and I wasn’t sure if I was to become trained as a caregiver or be a care recipient.                                                                After much prayer, I felt led to become trained as a caregiver to come alongside women to                                                             walk through pain, suffering, and life. This was definitely a calling. Fast forward to the last 5                                                            years, as my children left for college and would question their path, I would honestly say mom                                                     doesn’t even know what she wants to be when she grows up. What I realize now is that God has                                                  been walking alongside me on my path my entire life. Never letting go and waiting in the wings                                                when I would cry out. He knew that ultimately I was being transformed day-by-day. I was always running ahead asking Him to catch up, until now. Believe me, when I say, our unique path is just that... unique. No two of us are the same so let’s quit the comparison game, dig deep, uncover hidden lies that are not serving you and boldly walk the path that God has uniquely created for YOU! I would love to be your path partner to start your life transformation. How do you know if coaching is for you? Let’s chat!

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