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Why Group Life Coaching?

I Thessalonians 5:11~ Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

Romans 1:12~ That is, that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the others faith, both yours and mine.

Many of us have had group experiences interwoven throughout our lives. I remember breaking into groups in kindergarten to have a book read to us and then role-playing some of the characters. I remember doing group science and art projects. Then there were the groups out on the playground during recess; some for playing jump rope games while some for playing marbles. It continued through life. There were sports teams plus band and choirs, bible study groups, fund-raising groups, etc...etc... Groups have benefits for those who are a part of them. We see each other's perspectives and embrace others' strengths and points of view. We learn to be patient with other weaknesses and they with ours while maintaining the group structure and purpose. WE receive and give encouragement and strength. We reach a goal or objective with other's help and talents, rather than going it alone.

When it comes to Group Coaching, the same principles apply. We are strengthened by the group experience and other's perspectives. WE are encouraged in our goals and visions and have support to go ahead, rather than mustering up the strength by ourselves. I am personally embarking on facilitating a group coaching experience for chronically ill women. WE are going to dive into a book, read one chapter a week and journal some very introspective answers to important questions about Jesus the Healer. It is going to be a very personal spiritual journey forward for all those involved. This is just one example of a Group Coaching experience, out of many that are offered.

So now, the question of the title of this blog: WHY Group Coaching? Well, the answer is a continuation of uncovering great benefits and value the group experience offers. First off, the common theme in all these groups, is that there is forward movement in any area of life that the group is addressing. There is a purpose or theme established for each group and each participant is taking their own personal journey of forward movement, while experiencing a collective forwarding movement with others committed to taking the same, yet unique journey. It means there is plenty of support and learning from others in the group. Another great value is the cost to you! Group coaching is often less costly than individual coaching, yet the benefits can be just as great! Lastly, You may often establish connections with other group members that remain intact after the group, which can provide ongoing support and friendship.

Questions for YOU:

  1. Would you consider joining a powerful group coaching experience with others so you can keep focused on the goals and self-growth you want?

  2. What sort of topic would get you excited about joining a Group LifeCoaching experience?

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