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Why Coaching Works for Chronically Ill Clients

Adapting to life with Chronic Illness takes more than Medical Care

Living with chronic illness is life-altering. Sometimes just making it through the day doing basic tasks feels like more than one can handle. Adding in any extra tasks can feel insurmountable. Walking through this chaos can also be a very heavy burden. So having help from a LifeCoach in setting realistic goals, plus having support in the process of change can prove beneficial.

For most people, an acute and temporary sickness or health situation is something one can move through. Yet, a chronic health situation imposes a whole new set of challenges that few are able to cope with. And especially when one was used to having good health.

Adapting to a life filled with chronic pain or other chronic and varied symptoms often requires help from an outside source. A supportive coach can play a significant role in helping a chronically ill client learn to adapt. Not only adapt , but find some meaning and purpose again in life.

Often times, moving through a grieving process is needed first though. The chronic illness has usually caused a person to lose a part of themselves and this requires a process of moving through the grieving stages to a place of acceptance. A LifeCoach can help move the client through that process.

A common emotion to deal with is FEAR, in chronic illness sufferers, as well. But this emotion can be conquered so it does not control one's life. A LifeCoach can be a signifiant support in gaining perspective of hope and giving the client a sense of control again. (See also: blog on Facing Fear)

The role of the Life Coach is not a diagnostic one, nor teaching or training. The LifeCoach helps the client with chronic illness find their own goals and then actively guides them through the process of change to reach these goals. The client is actively selecting and pursuing the goals that matter most to them and the coach is supporting the process.

In the coach/client relationship, the client is the ultimate decision maker. The focus of the coach is on what is important to the client and what the client wants to accomplish in relation to the condition she has. Making the client the center, with their needs, concerns, and goals is always the priority.

LifeCoaching with chronic illness clients is being recognized as a valuable service and gaining momentum.Many years ago, when I encountered my own life-altering illness I would have benefited from having a LifeCoach. Now, as a LifeCoach to chronically ill, I would love to get you on board with this valuable support process of change. You or someone you know, can get more questions answered with a FREE Discovery Call. Just click the link below to get started.

Kindly and compassionately.


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