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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

What better time than the season of spring to catch a glimpse of those new things that God is continually cultivating in us and all around us. The beautiful newness of each day and the themes God is orchestrating within our journey.

Sometimes life gets so busy with long lists of to-dos and competing interests and obligations that even the most observant can hurry through the demands and forget to catch a glimpse of daily wonder. It may sound silly, but when I start really noticing even the little things all around me, I wonder how long “the noticer” in me has been so distracted… and how much “spectacular” I may have been missing.

Notice your life and how God longs to reframe your thoughts and experiences to affect new growth in you.

For most of my life, I have been enthralled with spring and all things new. It is almost as if my eyesight is reborn and I can finally see the most beautiful yet simple things that I must have walked right past countless times before. Spring doesn’t necessarily catch me by surprise, but it certainly catches me by wonder!

My husband and I planted two Purple Robe Locust trees in our backyard last September. When the roots were nestled safely in the ground, the pencil-thin limbs still carried their beautiful delicate leaves. However, with the imminence of fall and winter just weeks away, those leaves were quickly gone. Recognizing that these trees were newly planted, I secretly worried all winter about their survival. And, by “worry” I mean, pretty close to Merriam Webster’s type of worry; “to allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty.” I’m not saying I thought about it constantly, but I am saying that whenever I looked at the wintered-state of those trees, part of me pondered their life.

As spring began to unfold, the limbs remained bare and so did a bit of my faith about their survival. Then one afternoon while I was out in the yard I saw the new beautiful, fresh shoots pressing through the tiny buds and brown limbs in colors of brilliant green. They were not yet large, but large enough… and I wondered how I could have possibly missed their initial debut?!? I instantly felt wonder and joy, as if I was witnessing a miracle right there in my backyard… and I was! Although spring had already been underway, this is what personally marked spring for me. It gave me new eyes to recognize all the “glorious new” going on all around me.

Genesis 1:14-15 says, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years”. God gives us time and seasons to provide a rhythm of rest and renewal to our lives. And, He continues to hold and sustain His creation with tender care and compassion. Take a moment to read Psalm 147. What captures your attention in this chapter?

In the days ahead, I encourage you to try on some fresh spring vision and wonder. Make some intentional time for reflection. Notice your life and how God longs to reframe your thoughts and experiences to affect new growth in you. Your daily time with God is a great opportunity to incorporate the inquiries that follow.

What beautiful thing did I notice yesterday?

What was my big takeaway from yesterday?

What theme do I see God weaving in my life?

It is important that you write down the questions and the answers. The answers may be one or two words or one or two sentences. Close your eyes, be still and give God full access. Picture your memories of the day or week to nudge and prompt your heart, and then write down whatever comes to mind. You can use your journal, index cards, or even some cute sticky notes… but definitely be intentional about writing these down and dating them. Consider this your 7-day challenge to turn off the auto-pilot and start noticing your life and the beautiful handiwork of God. I can’t wait to hear how God speaks to you!


March 27, 2019

Top of Purple Robe Locust Tree {just 2 weeks later}

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