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Laughter Lightens the Load

When I look back over the years that were the hardest, while I was adapting to managing a chronic illness, I think about the importance laughter played. Sometimes the last thing I wanted to do was laugh. It seemed like laughter was not rolling out of me as spontaneously as it used to. I remember a day when I made a conscious decision to laugh more. Then I thought about how to do that. Ultimately, I included laughter as part of my own treatment plan. For example, I would listen to my favorite comedians or watch my favorite shows like" I Love Lucy." Laughter lightened my load and brought my heavy soul out of the dumps! It worked like a medicine to carry me into a hopeful perspective.

Researchers have revealed how laughter releases endorphins in the human brain and that social laughter leads to pleasurable feelings that significantly increase the release of endorphins and other opiod peptides in the brain areas controlling arousal and emotions.

Not only researchers, but God has something to say about laughter too!

Proverbs 17:22 says~ A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Laughter is certainly an important element of a healthy lifestyle.

How can you include laughter in your daily routine, on purpose?

What one thing can you do today to laugh on purpose?

Would you like to have one of our life coaches help you purposefully plan to include laughter in your routine? We are here to help sort through the debris that clutters your path, so you can plan to laugh again.

Just click this link to schedule a free Discovery Call, and take your journey to include more laughter!

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