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Graduation...a Season of Change

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

This weekend my youngest child graduates from college. So many emotions behind this momentous event as a parent, especially as a Mom. Just this morning, a Facebook memory popped up of my daughter's High School graduation which seems like it was just yesterday. Is it just me, or did it seem like the Elementary school years crawled by? Those were the days of doing day-to-day life with our children. We were soccer moms, room moms, chauffeurs, chefs, and basically the go-to for every boo-boo, both physical and emotional. I was good at that role.

Then, Junior High School or Intermediate School came which meant more independence. No major involvement in the school classrooms and the time began to speed up. High School came in a blink of an eye and those years soared by! The time went so fast that it became increasingly hard to figure out my new parenting role. Now…college is gone too! What does this new season look like? For over 20 years, I have been there for my children’s every need. Even those late night college phone calls of panic over test anxiety or physical ailment. Now what? Being a Mom is the greatest gift and I’m so blessed that God chose little old me for this role! As I prepare for this weekend’s festivities, I’m becoming more and more nostalgic. I'm allowing myself to reminisce while leaning into the Lord for His comfort.

So here's how I am spending my week before graduation:

  • Allowing myself to linger in the past with emotion and gratitude. Walking down memory lane helps me acknowledge the close of the chapter.

  • Spending quiet time with the Lord while journaling the emotion. Out of my head and on to the paper is almost an act of tribute to my children.

  • Acknowledging that my role is again shifting. I will always be Mom, but I now need to step back versus step in.

  • Giving myself grace in this process. Learning a new dance as a parent of adult children is hard. It will take time. I'm learning (slowly) to keep "my mouth shut and the welcome mat out" with the help of author, Jim Burns, and his book entitled Doing Life with Your Adult Children.

Times of transition are tough. It takes a village to raise our children, now that same village of friends is there for me as well. This niche of coaching is near and dear to my heart. Are you in a time of transition? Wondering how this new season will look? Our team is here for you. Let's get you moving forward on your new path in life. This village is here for YOU! A FREE Discovery Call is just a click away!


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