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"Cold" Season

Hmmm…is it just me or does it seem like cold season is turning into “cold shoulder” season? Let me explain. I don’t know about you but when people say they don’t feel well, they are immediately treated differently. Ostracized perhaps. Have we lost the ability to care? As a caregiver by nature, it is really hard for me to watch loved ones fend for themselves because they feel unwell. Cold season is now looming. What will this look like? Will there be panic in the home if someone wakes up with a mere running nose? We need a healthy dose of common sense or even better…take our eyes off of our circumstances and place them firmly on the only true healer, Jesus Christ.

Like most of you, my heart is yearning for a bit of normalcy. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the “new normal” terminology. Perhaps, I have taken for granted routines and predictability. So let’s navigate the last bit of November with a posture of love and thankfulness.

Here are some ways, I plan to rest in tradition while embracing the present circumstances. Let’s warm up this “cold” season!

  1. "NO”vember is a time to say yes to only the best! Are there still things you could say “no” to this month? Is your plate still too full? What could you let go of?

  2. November is a time to be thankful! How have you expressed this to friends and family? For some, this might mean sending a text or mailing a card to tell someone how amazing they are! Who could you reach out to and bless this month?

  3. November is a time for a warm heart not a cold shoulder! At times our world is so reactive to everything and everyone. Sounds cliché, but what would Jesus do? Jesus was a servant. How about you? Who can you serve this month?

  4. November is where commonsense needs to become commonplace. If you feel unwell, stay home. But let’s not ban the ill when they may need a helping hand or a helping of homemade chicken noodle soup! I’m a huge believer that homemade chicken noodle soup heals the body and the spirit. Is someone you know feeling unwell? Who can you prepare a big ol’ vat of soup for?

For me, it’s being proactive with family and friends. The loneliness is going to creep in as the temperatures drop and our country prepares for another wave of uncertainty. I don’t want my loved ones, especially my aging parents, to feel lonely or that they are a burden. Let’s safely navigate the remainder of this month with compassion, empathy, and LOVE! Speaking of navigating life, how are you coping? Are you struggling to walk your unique path? Are you in need of a Path Partner? Please reach out for a no-obligation 30-minute FREE Discovery Call. I’m here for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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