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Finding YOUR Unique Path While Battling Chronic Illness

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

An overall goal of life coaching is to help with forward movement in life. The question often asked is: “ How can I move forward successfully when chronic illness seems to have stopped me in my tracks and even derailed my life?” As life coaches, we can walk with you along your path, offering invaluable sessions of support, as you discover how to move forward in spite of chronic illness.

Forward movement is possible for you too.

Sometimes forward movement with a chronic illness means redefining what successful forward movement looks like. And sometimes it means re-focusing on a new path where there can be success. I had been moving in the direction of a dream and goal of running a half marathon, followed by running a marathon. That goal halted due to acute illness which became a chronic battle. I also had written a childrenʼs book and was looking to have it published, but illness halted that too. So my goals became about achieving a daily positive attitude, delegating chores I wished I could still do and learning new ways to be content. My forward movement centered around my own character development and less about checking off accomplishments on a bucket list or to-do-list. My forward movement became more about personal character development of patience during the battle and loving others well in spite of not feeling well myself, plus praying for others while I was bedridden. It was not easy to find and walk my new path, but it was possible.

Forward movement is possible for you too. We are here to help!


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