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Margins Matter

How often do we hear the answer, "Busy" when we ask "How are you?"

I don't know about you, but I have a little hair stand up on my neck if I hear that too often from someone, or even from myself when I am asked. I mean, do I really want "busy" to define me? I get it there are seasons or days of life that are going to be packed to the brim and that may be unavoidable. I also know that individually, we vary in our capacity of activity tolerance. And yet, in my personal journey, I have come to value, more and more, adding margins into each day. For me, this simply means, I rarely schedule appointments or activities or even social activities and exercise, back to back. It also includes trying to be fully present with whatever I am currently doing, plus enjoying what and who is currently in front of me at the time. And not thinking about what I am going to be doing next.

This has been a journey for me, with highs and lows in my success, yet a steady overall growth.

It all started with a revelation in my early days of being Mom to three busy little girls. I heard a Christian Speaker say that parenting requires setting a pace that you can keep for twenty plus years. I took that in, very seriously, and began implementing the margins needed, to keep myself and my family at a sane pace. And now that my children have been out of the nest for a few years, I continue to decide on a pace that keeps margins in mind. I have decided I do not want to be a friend or family member who is always too busy to take the time someone really needs to talk or ask for prayer. I have decided that to have true and lasting peace, I need more than one a day devotional and prayer, to connect deeply with God. Making these decisions was important. I was fully committed to these decisions and still am. .I do not always walk it out perfectly. But on the majority of days, I am successful. Also what I have found as a benefit of living this way is, I really do have more peace and feel God's presence in a special way. I have found that Margins Matter.

If you'd like one of our coaches to walk alongside you, as you decide how to implement margins into your days, we would love to journey with you. A free Discovery Session can be easily scheduled on our website. We would love hearing from you. Just click the link below to book your time with one of us.

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