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Creative Waters Flowing Out of Rocky Places

Sometimes, Waters of Creativity Flow Out of The Rocky Roads in OurJourney

Have you ever gone through a very rough and rocky road in this journey down here on Earth? I don't know of too many who have not! I know I did! And it was a long rocky road of coming through chronic illness. It was a path I didn't ask for nor understand. So, what did I do? Well, without the intent of sounding too simplistic, I'll tell you what I did. I threw myself at Jesus feet and I spent a lot of time there. I found out that He was very fun to be with and I grew to love my time with Him more and more and more. I hate to admit it, but now that I'm not so very ill anymore, I haven't had as many times, as sweet as those during illness. I'm trying to balance getting into the workplace world again with My special time with Him. I'm following the plan God has for me to LifeCoach to other chronic illness sufferers. This is very important work to do, because I know God called me to it. Yet, I miss all the time I had all day, when I was not well enough to work, because I just sat at His feet SO much.

The other day, as I was talking to Him about this very thing and asking Him to help define the balance He has for me in this season , I was reminded of a writing folder I kept during those illness days. I pulled it out and began reading some of the poems and songs of worship that I wrote with Him during those times. Such a gratefulness rose up in me . These poems are testimony that God will indeed flow through us with His creative juices, even in our rocky road times of life.

I'd like to share one of my poems that I wrote with Him during that time. It's about who I really am in Christ, when I am full of Him. And you can probably see your true self in it too. These are the deep feelings and senses we can have when we really breathe Holy Spirit into our lives. And a special note to chronic illness sufferers reading this: you don't have to be symptom-free to curl up with the Holy Spirit and let Him flow through you in a creative way. You are still valuable and precious and can have something special with Him during your rocky journey!

My Poem~ "WHEN I'M ME"

When I'm Me, I'll smell the wind

When I'm Me, breezes will linger on my skin

When I'm Me, I'll taste Summer, Fall and Winter

When I'm Me, Spring will last in my soul

When I'm Me, My eyes will see happy

When I'm Me, My toes will know the sand

When I'm Me, My tongue will touch all the flavors

When I'm Me, time is My friend

When I'm Me, I'm royalty

When I'm Me, it does not hurt

When I'm Me, I think further than the ocean width

When I'm Me, Completely!

One final thought: If you are reading this, your journey has not ended. That means you have a path still to walk, from glory to glory until we see Him face to face. A path to become more of who He intends You to be, just one creative step at a time. A path where perhaps, You want the creativity He put in You, to come out, even during the rough patches.

If you want a Coach by your side to see who you really are, one step at a time, and find your creativity in Him, regardless of your present circumstances, contact us for a FREE Discovery Session and let us have the privilege to Coach with you.

Kindly and compassionately,


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